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Global Goddesses is an organisation providing training and networking for business women, offering practical help and advice for their personal and business development.

We have created a place for like-minded, inspirational women to connect, learn and grow.

We Gather once a month on the second Friday of every month. Book your place to join us!

Book here: https://www.meetup.com/global-goddesses/ 




The founder of the Global Goddesses Business Academy, invites YOU to join us on a exciting journey.


“It is our pledge that we will support women who wish to create businesses and help them grow. To help them make a difference, to take them into a world of possibilities, to help them fly. Join our revolution! We look forward to meeting you - get excited!” – Tessa



Having joined Global Goddess just over a year ago I have benefited from some incredible wisdom, knowledge, advice, training, and support from Tessa and the rest of the group as well as made new friends and colleagues as well as some new shoots! 

Tessa has guided and helped me to gain more insight into my business my life and relationships, in a year so much has changed and I have managed to get into flow, create a passive income stream and create a much better work-life balance as well as learning and growing so much in such a short time that I renewed my membership immediately. 

Thank you Tessa! 


Year 2015 was the one I wanted gone. I thought as time was passing I would be able to move on. But which direction would I take. I couldn't find a path. Looking for a different direction. My mind was in a mess. I thought things would never change. I was under so much stress. Because of your wonderful guidance. You helped my life kick start. So Tessa I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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